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Week 7 Lecture Note

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*Final exam Friday, April 29 (2-4 pm) Room: MW170 *Midterm exams may be picked up next week during office hours *Essay is due next week! *In-class assignment = multiple choice questions Session 6: Changing age & family structures What we learned before is that every country has a different structure in the composition of age and sex We should talk more about this today Age stratification means that there are certain age groups that are different in their composition regarding social and economic factors, and as well as factors like prestige in the country or society in question Could you think about situations or aspects of human society in which these different age groups play a role? Any human aspects in a country or society that might be attached to different age or sex groups? o Social retirement, job loss, marriage, graduation o Demographic marriage, death, birth o Economic retirement, job loss, marriage, graduation With all these different aspects of life, there are certain prestige connected to these aspects, and this stratifies life into different age groups In earlier ages, you only have three strata: infancy, adulthood, and old age However nowadays, it is more stratified (7 strata) infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, young old, and old old In earlier ages, they had more time to acquire this knowledge In middle ages, it is quite common that a very short period of infancy of being a child, you were put into work and had to work when you were 10 years old or earlier on your farm or in the business of your father and you worked until the end of your life or werent physically able to work anymore at which time you are in your old age Nowadays, it looks a bit different, you have 7 different strata and each of those age strata, you experience different life aspects and are treated differently in the society you are in Different life events affect you in these strata In adolescence phase nowadays, you wouldnt expect to marry, and if it happens, it is not appreciated by the social order in the society you are living in To these age strata is different statuses and social roles This whole process of moving from one strata to the next one and adhere to the social roles and to acquire the social statuses, this is called socialization processes Talking about different age and sex groups in relation to population geography, you might want to think about age cohorts = groups of people who are born at the same time and then move to these different age strata at the same time We can think of all people born in 1960, and they will experience the same type of life events at the same period of time
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