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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

Informality Lec notes Slide 2 Sociol apporach one needs to maximize there socialbility - Doesn’t thnik of if there might be entrenched - - civil society groups have been working to enhance social capital, by micro finance groups - Why is there micro finance? Barriers to credit for the poor - what is the informal sector= any sector that is not runn by stat bearocracy - - survival techniques - Jobs usually survivalist jobs to find any means of survival - Job that might not have a formal contract? Slide 3 - Begins from particular conditions and events that happened in iran - - more people came in into the community and made a living informally - - how is informal sector actually developed? - seen as an effort to make a statement - Didn’t have money so self built homes - Lobbying of the state through somewhat of personal collective actions - Largely viewed as illegal in states terms - Aknowledge as there is informalities in toronto to but very little - How should we uderstand the informal secter and its role - not a civil socirty based group -
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