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Week 11 Lecture Note

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Week 10 (Continued) Lecture: Improving paved roads to provide access to basic needs Paved roads were built because of sanitation system and epidemics (cholera) Duany is talking about sprawl in urban context Theres a phenomenon on leapfrogging One of the drawbacks of neo-traditional development is that housing prices have increased (over a million dollars), which creates social problems and social equity By putting streets in grid pattern and shrink walking distances, youre limiting the use of autos Granny flats provide more housing and more affordability In many municipalities, granny flats are not legal Moving students to different pods are contributing to carbon footprint and global warming People who live close to the school will even drive to school Dr. Jim Lagro is not pleased with new urbanist development We need some place to walk to Walkable urbanity makes places pleasant to walk We have to build more new urbanism rather than one infill development, which wont encourage us to walk because there is no place to walk to The main purpose for walking is to walk dogs It is hard to know your neighbours in suburban design because lawns are stretched far apart and are created for automobil
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