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Lecture 3

GGRC 24 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Ekers

Lecture 3: Actor-Network-Theory • Timothy Mitchell o Can the mosquito speak? ▪ His answer – starts the piece by saying that world war devastated Egypt but he says wait a second those tanks and the number of people who dies pale the number of people who have died from mosquito and its more deaths from the war ▪ The whole question is about trying to think through non-human agency and the ways in which small tiny parts of nature can transform our social worlds in very fundamental ways and shape history ▪ When Mitchell says can it speak he is trying to bring forward the one thing that’s so important for us with humanity – speech ▪ Mitchell is building on a theory of ANT which works through the ways in which a lot of our scientific and social scientific perspectives have overlooked and erased the ways in which non humans impact our world in very deterministic or formative ways • The modern constitution o Deal with this separation between nature and society o The separation hides a lot of complicated networks – beneath those two categories there are all sorts of processes of exchange and networking that happens that we understand to be social and as natural – think about a virus like the flu – its both natural and social – a virus is also both natural and social – or think about the flu shot o ANT is getting us to think about these categories – we have nature, humans
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