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Lecture 5

GGRC 24 Lecture 5: Lectures 5 and 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Ekers

Lecture 5 – Art, Nationalism, and Anti-Colonialism  The cultural politics of representation  Buried epistemologies and sedimented histories o Bruce – phrases such as the public, the nation, nature, wilderness, and resource call carry traces of colonialism, thus stretching the colonial past into present  Implications of representational approaches o Wainwright o As soon as we assume that wilderness is wilderness we lose sight of its coming o We lost sight of all the important political questions of who’s land it is, who is being included/excluded etc.? o This is the political sense of nature representation  The group of seven o They hold a lot of meaning to Canadian landscape o You cant be a landscape artist in this country without feeling dominated by these guys o Their work is still shown across Canada o They are central to the Canadian state and art establishment o They are from Toronto o An urban based group of artists Lecture 6  Glen reading – settler politics have tried to move the political landscape towards cultural recognition o Think through connection between land and culture as the basis for indigenous politics  What is the north? o Deep values being projected on what it means to be Northern or Southern o There is no one definitive speaker or perspective on the topic o We think of it as a singular Northern state that is homogenous o Offers a different vision of what the north can be o Gould and Grace are after mental landscapes and the ways in which ideas and discourses construct what is which is most often in odds with reality o Discourses and narratives structure experiences – what is visible (taking out your phone and taking a picture of a landscape) o In terms of which voices are being heard, we are hearing from people who have knowledge from their perception o Excludes indigenous perspectives o North is a set of ideas – men
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