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University of Toronto Scarborough
David J Roberts

Week 5 GGRC33 To Reduce Car Use  Increase diversity of land uses  Instead of having people to come to downtown, perhaps increasing diversity of services, work and retail and other parts to create local centres in GTA to serve these needs  Increase demand for transit and different types or retail  Make public transit better o More desirable for walking and cycling  However, limitation to the GTA because of weather o Reducing car tab fees, gas taxes, parking fees o Economic choice. Where public transit becomes more desirable. New Urbanism & TOD  Cars becoming less of the focal point of the design  Markham o Single unit detached homes or townhouses o Low density o Doesn’t account for retail uses. o Created for residential as suppose to a high density land usage Changing GTA Travel Trends – bad news  Less local based transportation in the GTA Marginal Change  We shouldn’t focus on the entirety of the problem  We should be thinking about marginal change o 1-5% margin at the edge towards usage of public transit that canmake substantial changes of congestion and environmental degradation o Don’t have to get 60% of people to use it Metrolink Plan  Expand what we already have. Mostly above ground.  1915 Plan. Something that’s already been proposed in comparison to the 25 year plan now  1940-1966 Proposing same plans  1970 looks like Metro link plan PART 2 Reasons for Optimism?  Suburban development has become more dense. Increaslingly land use. o More townhouses, apartment buildings  Greater density and variation in terms of housing  Making public transit and regional centres such as retail and employment more viable  Metrolinks mixing subway lines and BRT or lightrail as a way for these places to go  European cities are more concerned about preserving green spaces than North America  Attitude that we need to protect green spaces is not as serious as in other places  At different points of history i
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