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Lecture 6

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David J Roberts

Week 6 GGRC33 A lot of thinking being done but not necessarily being sharedEndogenous and Exogenous Factors Endogenous factors are a lot of what we dont have control over o In the international sphere that impact economic forces within the Toronto region o Municipal has no way they have power of that o Climate change is another policy making that needs to be used outsideThe Case of the GTA GTA has been a model of urban governance Toronto has worked through urban governance to maintain businesses o Make sure infrastructure is maintained downtown nd Toronto has the 2 biggest transit system behind NY city o Still expensive transit system o Has to do a lot of regional sharing of governance within the TTCMetrolink has worked substantially to regionalize the transit system and argue that it has regional value and made it a viable system Far less multi cultural tension within the city o Different set of histories than US in terms of immigrationRacialized pockets within the city poverty Greater overlap now because of different changes in the planning Recession of the 90s and downturn of economy has impactin terms of Toronto budget and GTA working togetherThe Creation of the MetroWe need metro because the extension of roads and water system was quite expensive o We shouldn t have to pay for new developmentsProvince argued that there needs to be regional planning to prevent leapfrogging development that is inefficientRegional planning would prevent congestion andsprawl Gardiner Speech Uneven reality in GTA alreadyPlaces in GTA where municipalties that are wealthy and places that are not o Disparity o Good transit system in some places and some dont
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