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Lecture 3

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Agriculture Resources SoilInitial concepts y The earths living layer y 98 of food produced on land y crops and pasture 2 main food production y not a lot of land is best for growing food for humans y large part of land on earth not suitable for food production o 23 is water not suitable y NBI Erosion of soil that has developed over a long time y Human knowledge has known of how to manage soils and we DO KNOW now how to manage soils betterPresentfuture status of worlds soils y 1980s studies we can feed the world UNFAO look to uncultivated lands esp in Latin America o intensify productivity with technology y Big Soil study 1990 Global Assessment of Soil Degradation o Reduced soil depth water organic matterreduced crops y CanadaUSA soilconservation programs in Ontario OSCIAAddressing the Problem y BIG challenge feed a growing pop while working with lands that are degraded from poor management1 Biotechnology y drought resistant salt tolerant early maturation resist pests etc y w biotech pesticide treadmill expensive y variety of seed reduced2 Farmland protection OFT in Ontario y Ground cover terracing zerolow till multiple cropping y Farms are close to cities y Class 1 farmland is best soil lower is worse Groudcover protect soilTerracing countour of land working with landscape reduce erosion Tilling can cause erosion Multiple cropping different various crops on same land3 Recycle wastemanure from humans and animals
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