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Michelle Buckley

GGRC40 Week 3 The endless city: bigness, spectacle and the postmetropolis Assignment  Mexico city, grew from a lake since the Aztecs  What are the things that draw people into the city?  Newspaper for primary challenges of the city **Most of the demographic, economic and spatial growth of cities and regions is occurring in the peripheries of existing agglomerations** Confronting the urban-suburban dualism  The recent changes in suburban landscapes are challenging the ideas that the urban scholars have had on what the core, periphery’s real function really is  Burgess concentric circle model o Burgess’s model on how the cities grow o This model had a huge impression on how geographers think about how cities grow. The way the economy worked within the city. That all activities can be neatly structured in different zones. o Emphasis on the core, the important part of the city as suppose to the periphery o However, this is being challenged today The globalization of the urban population  Urban landscapes are becoming more homogenous and population become heterogeneous o Hallmark of regional urbanization Global suburbanization?  Densification of the suburb  High rises are becoming developed in the suburban areas in Toronto and a growing demand to live there  Some industries are also setting up shops in these suburbanization areas. Not just about residential. o Airport  A lot heterogeneous than we think about. Becoming poly-centric. Having different cores within the city Mega regions: regions that connect to different cities in which it share labour and capital activities at a very low cost  Mega region is based no by population but by ECONOMIC OUTPUT  Economic engine of the future  They need to be become a unit of analysis because they are becoming important in terms of measuring economic growth  National level economic competition based on these urban centres where most output is From ‘Nation States’ to ‘Region States’  How do you govern a megacity? Governance problems  Not location of their political borders but the fact that they are the right size and scale to be the true, natural business units in today’s global economy o Start looking at what’s actually happening  Bos-Wash biggest region in North America Spectacular urbanization and the ‘technological sublime’  Buildings o Process of cities becoming global actors asserting themselves i
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