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Michelle Buckley

GGRC45 Week 11 Do we have responsibilities as global citizens?  Economic and political responsibilities to other people  Questions of responsibilities and rights is important to theories of globalization Translocalism  Instead of having a national set of interest or familiar interest or obligations to make our neighborhood a better place, there is a growing translocal awareness that the coffee we buy from other place (where they don’t get paid much) or we have an obligation to places like Syria o Given rise to the idea that we can come together and movement of global solidarity o Tridea: addressing the issue of poverty worldwide o To see what we might actually be able to do at a global scale? o Global meeting that is concerned with their role as global citizens (World Social Forum) World Social Forum: Global civil society?  Kind of alternative forum to talk about a different kind of globalization  Groups that were really uncomfortable: we need a global event that brings together a group of people to come together and define globalization a different way o Groups that promote the effects of globalization to social justice and local ecosystems, local cultures and localities  Built itself a global civil society o That for a few days every year, it is a place for a kind of politlca coalition that is global (global in a sense that WB and IMF is globa) to come to together and discuss stuff that is not discussed in the world economic forum Articulating alternatives Anti-globalization movements o A term that evolve that contests these groups.  Political dismissal of the group o They call themselves as alter-globalization movement o They don’t hold the monopoly of the term globalization o Specific version of what economic policies they should favour and turning investors thinking of focusing on the larger powers to more localized ideas (This is contested however)  Tell a different story on how globalization can take place. Invent a socially and environmentally just idea. \ Anti-‘neoliberal’ globalization:  These are the things the group would be anti about. Alternative story of glob
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