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lecture 2

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Michael Bunce

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- our definition of place may be close, local, what we are familiar with
1. Grounded spaces with meaning
a lot of places are becoming less grounded -- ungrounded
- places are affected by global processes, penetration of those processes into your
- global sense of place
- maybe virtual rather than tangible places (internet, television, movies)
2. Places are internally complicated
- arenas of negotiation - negotiate their own relationship
3. Global spaces are grounded too
- grounded in your local sense of place when you go to local restaurant, shop
- where things are made
- think outside of the small area you are in
Thinking Geographically about Globalization
[Global processes, local effects]
- KFC (Yum Foods international) in Barbados, 7up, local fish, local beer
- advertising, globalization of food products
- global scale of activities, corporations
1. What is globalization? What processes does it involve?
2. What is significant about understanding global processes?
3. What is thinking geographically
4. What does a geographical perspective have to offer?
Globalization: no definite definition but:
- global economic integration
- global economic system
- global (economic) interdependence and interconnectivity
- global culture (human experience/values)
- we see others in other areas as terrorists because we have different values
Significance of global processes (globalization)
- happening, wont go away
- affects us all
- generates big discussion about its impacts (controversial)
- newspaper introduces importance of global scale processes
Ideologies and discourses of globalization
- pre-globalization: good for the economy/people
- anti-globalization: increases disparities, environmental degradation, reduces
national sovereignty
Geographical perspective: thinking geographicaly
- whats so geographical about globalization?
involves everyone around the world - how/why they differ, how they interrelate
spatially, changing character of regions
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