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lecture 3

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Michael Bunce

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- everything happens through a scale (an hierarchy of scales - individual to
universal, beyond earth)
- Relationships at all of these scales
- things are all happening at the same time at different scales - what are the
connections between these processes @ regional, national, local scale
spatial scale
- label people culturally [(from Africa
African) differences between north and
south, or within the country - many differences]
- language
- world of economy
Maps and spatial imaging
Spatial interaction
- flows of goods, services, information, people across space
Convergence of time and space: shrinking distance
- increase in spatial interaction has occurred with improvements in technology
- spatial interaction is the most significant concept in understanding globalization
- increasing speeds
- global and local, person and global - instantaneous and brings/makes the world so
small so time & space is absolute
communication of information and the communication of ideas, communication of
technology, communication of wealth -- overcome space
Locations of activities
- spatial distribution of activities, population, resources
- proximity and distance (global and local)
- why are things where they are ?
- where? What? Why? How? For whom?
- Hamilton (main industry: steel), geographic location for transportation at lowest
cost - growing economic region - export for finished products - for economy in
Human-environment relations
- physical environment as a resource AND constraint
- global scale processes as environmental problems
environmental determinism
- end of 19th century in German geography - all
human activity, all differences between cultures/way land is used can be determined
by climate
- natural environment dominates human decision making/activites/behaviour
- certain environments make certain things possible
- complex relationship between humans and the
rest of nature
mother nature - gives you feeling that you should look after
- human beings are above nature - have a right to exploit it, ability to control it - as
we are advanced species
Relational thinking
- spatial relationships between places at different scales
- how we think about the rest of the world
- how we think about our place in the world
- place is humanized space made real through human habitation.
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