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Lecture 11

lecture 11

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Michael Bunce

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Global Futures - ideologies, contradictions, resistance and alternatives
What are the key issues of the global future?
- environmental pollution
- control of power
- peak oil
- supply/territory of land -- resource depletion - water
- climate change -- rising sea levels
- population growth (demographic transition model)
- pandemics through improvements in transportation, migration
- leads to global conflict/unrest
Why are global processes resisted and what are the alternatives?
Can local and global co-exist?
- dependence on elsewhere
- neo-liberal: the global free market
- social democratic: the global welfare state
- mixed economy
- global system that benefits everyone
- marxist: global capitalism vs. international socialism
-state regulated economy - state in the name of the people would control
production and distributed
- Cold War: ideological foundation
- green: the global commons (of equal access and use by the people)
- environmental processes everyone is contributing to/responsible for
- the alternative should be one of achieving/seeing the world as an
environmental common
- moralist: common fate and responsibility
- self-determination and human rights
Future scenarios and key issues
- growth and development disparities
- exploitation
- resources and technologies
- "we will always find a solution"
- alternative energy sources
- population growth and decline
- depleting labour force
- inequities
- immigration policies - discriminate
- population density and consumption
- varies upon technology
- environmental change - climate change, disease, deforestation
- has to adapt to species (humans, as are aggressive)
- we are part of the environment
- live in more sustainable ways
- conflicts and cultural dissonance (discordance in people's values)
- sustainable development
Resistance and Opposition
social and ideological
- global socio-economic disparity and poverty -- demonstrations
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