Week 1 - Introduction

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12 Jan 2011

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The Geography of Global Processes Week 1 – Jan 11, 2010
-Integrate all the factors of processes into one understanding
-The central theme: thinking geographically about globalization and global processes
-In our everyday lives; consciously…transportation, looking at environment…central
theme helps to make you more aware of this geographical thought
Geographers study the spatial and temporal distribution of phenomena, processes and features
as well as the interaction of humans and their environment.
-This course deals with human geography;
-Spatial; central concern of human geographer; notion of space
-Temporal; how processes change over time
Key Concepts of human geography:
Place and region
-Characteristics of places and regions; neighbourhood; country; big concern
-Activities; why are some activities located where they take place (why are factories here
and there)
-Why are goods manufactured in foreign countries
-Way space is produced by human activity; occupied by human
Spatial Scale
-Personal space to global space
-Globalization shows the global and the local; different affects
Interaction and interconnectivity
-Why this is, how is it occurring, what are the consequences
Human/environment relations
Main Themes
-Relationships between global and sub-global scales of activity, impacts on places and
- Issues generated by the increasingly global scale of human activities (political)
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