Lecture 2

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26 Feb 2011

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Lecture 2 – Thinking Geographically about Globalization
January 18, 2011
Kentucky Fried Chicken Example:
-Brought into a small town. Why? Needed for tourists to bring in something familiar.
-Tension between global and local
-New materials need to be brought into the town: uniforms, building materials, employees,
- Impact on environment: waste disposal of Styrofoam, food, plastics, etc. Goes to landfills
in the island which will contaminate the water supply.
-International flow of materials
-Geography tells us a lot about this place
Main questions
-What is globalization? What processes does it involve?
Interconnectivity at a global scale
A shrinking planet
Dependency on other nations
Global culture
Combination of travel and economy
-What is significant about understanding global processes?
Consequences of globalization (ie. Recession)
-What is thinking geographically?
-Global economic integration at a global standard (ie. KFC example: transnational
company at a global reach)
-Global economic system
Interdependence between countries for capital and finance
-Global interdependence and interconnectivity
-Global culture
Significance of global processes (globalization)
- Its really happening and wont go away
-It affects us all from all the components of our daily lives, everything we use is made
from other countries
The social community is not local anymore (ie. Facebook, you can have friends
from all over the world)
-It generates big arguments about its impacts
-Globalization is boundary broadening
Ideologies and discourses of globalization
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