Lecture 6

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26 Feb 2011
Lecture 6 – Tourism: The New Global Economy
-Why has tourism become the fastest growing sector of the global economy?
-How has the global tourism changed?
-How does it affect places and regions?
-What is its role in sustainable development?
Rise of global tour ism
-Tour ism now the most important single item in international trade
-International tourist arr ivals for 2007 grew at rate of 5.7% - 880-900 millions. (World
Tour ism Organization)
-Demand side
oIncreased leisure time
oIncreased real incomes
oAff luent retirement
oDesire for travel, new experiences
oBusiness tourism
-Supply side
oTransportation revolution
oEconomic development policies
oGrowth of tourist industry – tourism as a product
oGlobalization of goods and services
Changes in global tourism
-Rise of mass tourism
oA giant group going on a trip
oAll inclusive, packaged, pre-paid
Comfor t and convenience
Secur ity
Global sightseeing
-National symbols
Alternative tourism
-Ecotourism: responsible travel to natural areas which conserves t he environment and
improves t he welfare of local people
-Adventures and activities
-Cultural and educational vacations
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