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13 Apr 2012

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GGRA01: Lecture Four The Global Supermarket October 11, 2011
Global Agribusiness and food systems
- Where does our food come from?
- Who controls its production and distribution?
- How do geographical concepts apply?
The globalized supermarket
The plantation system
Social changes (early 19th/ 20 centuary)
- (population growth and urbanization)
- Demand for food grew in Europe and north America and population moved from rural to
- From agriculture occupations to industrial occupations. Main change occurred in food
consumption: stop producing it yourself, no longer able to grow on food, have to pay cash and
buy food (immediately economy plays role) established a “cash market”
- by 1930 urban population rural in Canada, continue growing demand for food
Transportation and storage innovations
- Steam engines, ships and railways
- Refrigeration (canning, freezing) strong food ; technological changes which made it possible to
move long distances and move foods like grains and meats could be transported efficiently
- Meat from South America and Argentina became major supply to Europe
Industrialization of Agriculture
- Industrialization inputs processing of outputs
- appropriation (taking over / control of) of natural and labour processes (understand concept)
results in feast and famine , and intensified by political conflict
- agriculture had to work on how it could control , appropriate (take over) natural processes less
natural and more industrial
- need to become more efficient; more products using pesticide
- Substitution of natural by artificial processes and ingredients ( example- feed cattle processed
food [grain] all day tied up in barn to milk them)
- Preservative; injecting antibiotics / growth hormones in order to reduce disease and fatten
- Agriculture became partially “industrialized” increased use of machinery, chemicals = resulting
in a significant in productivity
- Variety food can be grown reliably
- Think about this ; two concepts of what industrialization really is
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