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5 Global Tourism Lecture Notes

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Michael Bunce

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GGRA02 Tourism: The New global economyFeb 15
·Smaller economies rely on their own resources and attractions to trap into the rapidly growing
global tourist industry
·The boom in the growth of tourism on a global scale: 20-30 years
·Why has tourism become the fastest growing sector of the global economy?
·How has global tourism changed?
·How doe sit affect places and regions?
·What is its role in sustainable development?
Rise of global tourism
·Tourism now the most important single item in international trade
·Nothing is exported in tourism, but the people are commodities, exporting local commodities
(works in the opposite direction)
·International tourist arrivals for 2007 grew at rate of 5.7% = 880-900 million
·Demand side
increased leisure time
paid vacations
increased real incomes
increased disposable income
affluent retirement
good pensions and investment income
desire for travel, new experiences
advertisements, create demand
Business tourism
·Supply side
transportation revolution
Jet in the 1960s
Economic development policies
abroad and in Canada
Growth of tourist industry- tourism as a product
produces aircraft, a resort, things that can be sold, not always tangible (the experience
you get from travelling)
Changes in global tourism
·Rise of mass tourism
·All inclusive, packaged, pre-paid
comfort and convenience, security, familiarity, affordability
construction of new places
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