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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Susannah Bunce

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Lecture 9: July 8th , 2009
First guest speaker:
Dr. Zafar – Hamilton
Arsenic pollution and drinking water
UN- worldwide , 15 location,
1) Bridging science and policy
2) enhancing and mobilization of knowledge
3) capacity building in developing countries
4 area of focus:
1) Water and human health
2) Costal marine areas
3) Water scarcity
4) ….
Global crisis
Billion people without safe drinking water; do not include people who have to
walk 12-15 mins and have to wait in line for few hours ( no direct access at
Sub Saharan - half or more of the Pop without access to drinking water
2.5 bill people without sanitation ( hand washing etc)
Most of Africa not enough access to sanitation
most people that do not have access living in urban slums/ rural areas
over-exploitation of water :
people in new York paying 0.5 cents per cubic meter, people in developing
countries paying 5 times as much ( water tankers ask for more money)
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