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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Susannah Bunce

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July 15 th
, lecture 10: GGRA03H3
Government assessment: subsidies on HOV lanes ( high occupancy vehicle
Minster proposed idea that: if you drive hybrid you can drive by yourself in
car pool lanes but this will have a conservation rebound effect and therefore
will act as disincentive , the real problem is life style not technology
Electric vehicle run 50% electricity by coal ; burning coal than gasoline is
much worse will need electric powering stations, more coal = more P.C
Per capita age of carbon what really counts
SUV;s are ok if they hold 7-8 people , more efficient
Bus by itself is bad; street cars use less fuel but hold more people
Motorcycles not allowed in HOV lanes but they are more efficient b/c of its
fuel efficiency also made from less material ( only 400 pounds)
Wetlands are important for reducing flooding so it is bad to build homes on
Greenbelt plan: protected land
To accommodate 3 million more people in southern ON using low density
sprawl model you need twice the existing area of Toronto
Low density model is not allowed in Holland, Swiss land is protected in most
western European countries
Many municipalities in are negligent of protected sprawl because they make
money from converting farm land
Mississauga was primes agricultural land by now there is no agricultural land
only 7% natural habitat mainly on credit river
Non- native alien species are problem 1) removing habitat 2) replacing native
species with non-native species
Need protection and to improve land left based on common principles
Norway maple weed displaced native species , this invasive species is
replacing the native red maple tree
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