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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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June 17: Lecture 7: GGRA03H3
George and jerry chocolate clair from trash…is it trash or an angel hovering
above trash?
In developing worlds people make a living from scavenging
The 3 R’s hierarchy: Important in this order
1) Reduce
2) Reuse
3) Recycle
Mc Donald’s site wants to recycling ….reusing is too costly for them
Disposable packaging is green washing
Mc Donald’s hierarchy: recycle, reduce, reuse
Hierarchy shows environmental benefits
Recycling the same materials has more environmental impacts
Best way is to reduce waste **
A real environmentalist drinks beer because beer stores takes back its
materials, 95% material is returned
Deposit return system
Before was a reuse based system but now is a recycling based system
Recyle: sorted and transported far away like china then it is melted and
No glass recycled in Canada
Coco cola shipped back to Thailand
The difference between recycling and down recycling: recycling we use the
same thing again for down cycling it has less environmental benefits, plastic
bottles cannot be recycled , cannot recycle polyethene in the same manner
Social / health/ safety problems in developing countries
More recycling in Canada send stuff to developing countries where they have
cheap labor and lack environmental standards
Our recycling is shipped which used diesel fuel and carbon environmental
impacts high
Blue box program is an environmental scam
Reduce and reuse order of magnitude better than recycling
Composting is a form of downcycling used is agriculture to grow increased
amounts of crops
Capture rate higher in green box?