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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Susannah Bunce

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June 24 th
: lecture 8 : GGRA03H3
Garbage strike is connected to bubonic plage and cholera
Hot weather + garbage public health threat
Type 1
Type 2: most environmental labels self-declared / no 3rd party investigation
Type 3: forest steward , can apply to them if paper, 3rd party industry but not
To have “bore signs” = environmental choice signs rent is expensive and
its time consuming, survey must be conducted
USDA= food is certified organic government sponsored and requires
scientific proof
Suncor Energy tops:
Has environmental choice label , but does that mean gasoline is
environmentally safe?
Tar sands are not good
No redeemable value
Only good thing is that…this gasoline has less emissions compared to
others but its not environmentally friendly
Has had scientific evidence ex.. mid cigarettes people just get cancer
Toyota prius: not good for environment because it encourages driving and
discourages walking …it just produces some what less
People who own “green vehicles” think they are environmentalist
Rebate for hybrid cars is $2000 but this is counterproductive because it
produced more emission
The orders of magnitude for TTC is less than hybrid cars
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