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28 Jan 2011
Socio-spatial polarization & environmental racism
Spatial divisions in the city
Cities are spatially differentiated
Geography, topography, accessibility, amenity (green environment)
Key process is sorting of people into different part of the city
Different sorting processes
- Wealth (being able to afford to live in certain neighbourhood)
- Race
- Occupation
- Age
- Sexual preference
* Occupation is less of a sorting process now because people are more mobile
Sorting processes
Price is most powerful sorting process
High amenity areas are more expensive
Wealthy people bid up prices of high amenity spaces
Seen as a normal and natural aspect of property markets
Normalization = invisibility
Huge consequences historically and today
Better facilities are built around high amenity spaces
Rich people will invest in their own community, becomes a self reinforcing
Toronto is experiencing the disappearance of the middle class
Poor are getting poorer, and the wealthy has gotten a lot more wealthy
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