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Lecture 1

GGRA03H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Industrial Revolution

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Andre Sorensen

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GGRA03: Lecture 1 05-01-2016 15:22:00
Causes for increased population growth
Green revolution
oincrease of food + able to feed everyone
industrial revolution
oincrease the amount of E that we consume + inventions
sanitary + medical revolutions
odrop of death rates
Most inventions were made in the 19th century
Transportation systems
But in the 20th is when we started to apply it
This caused urbanization and so the increase of population
The world population is not suppose to double again
We will be level out @ 2100 and then drop
oDrop may be due to
Limited resources
Having less children … low death rate + more secure =
ppl have less children
Educated women
By the time of the completion of urbanization ..there will be slow start
to the decline of population
*Look @ the graphs from the readings in chapter 7*
The fastest growing places are closest to the equator
Places with low carbon emission have the highest population growth
Cities are environments
Cities are a very important piece of globalization
Parts from many things are made in diff parts of the world and then
put together somewhere else
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