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Lecture 4

GGRA03H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Linear City, Allen Road, Urban Renewal

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Andre Sorensen

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Lecture 4: Challenges to Modernist Planning 26-01-
2016 15:06:00
20th Century Planning (USA)
Canadian planning was not as traumatic as USA
Establishing it was legal took a while
In WW2
oWas the turning point
oIt was a triumph of planning
After the war
othere was a surge of intervention where ppl were moving out
of the cities leaving them causing city clean up
20th Century City Modern Movement
getting rid of all the old decorations/designs for new buildings
oeverything was simple glass buildings
creating high rise buildings and parks
accommodating the cars were the biggest thing
ore-building cities was the main goal
ojust get rid of all the old cities in general …just bulldoze and
then create new cities
Ville Radieuse 1933
Creates one pattern and you’d extend it creating a linear city

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oBut this idea has lots of problems
Building everything @ once caused lots of problems b/c
once everything was built ..they saw flaws in all of them
If the buildings are built one by one (normal) then
you can see the problems that rise
Another problem is that the built form is boring
The same design is in all the buildings
If you bulldoze all the old buildings …where would the
ppl go since they wouldn’t be able to afford the new
Ppl also lose their access to jobs
The idea was to get rid of class
oEveryone would have the same housing and poor
oStuyvesant town was very close to what Corbusier was talking
There was an argument on what to do with town centers
Problems wit Modernist Approaches
Created utopia in a city
ousing machines to like serve 2000 people food with in a small
othis was kinda dumb
it was stupid not to understand what you are trying to replace
architects could re-design cities
oand so sometimes they believed that they could change
society …but this led to problems cause like they just
designed houses

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Megastructure solutions
oWorks best for campuses
oBut there were problems
Once they were built, they were very hard to fix b/c
they were so big
You cant adapt them
They wanted to get rid of streets
oThey are fundamental though
oThey wanted to get rid of them w/o realising how important
they were
Problems of traffic in cities
Planning went wrong in the 20thcentury b/c there was an
During this time, about ¼ of the ppl had cars
Cars boomed in the 1920s
oBut the traffic was horrible
There were still horses and carrages
No signal traffic lights
No speed limit & traffic cops
And so lots of ppl were getting killed (esp. kids)
The streets were a big open place
oTraffic rules were then made
Jay walking was made illegal
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