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Lecture 7

Megacities Lecture 7

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Andre Sorensen

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Megacities GGRA03 Lecture 7
Why are megacities important?
10 million and above = megacities (current definition)
Many cities are rapidly growing and soon will pass the 10 million thresholds
What are megacities?
more people competing for housing thus, property at the centre of the city become
if youre getting past carrying capacity (e.g. Mexico) then, water supply becomes a
cities will start to sink if youre pumping up water faster than its being filtered or
water supply is dependent at city size and technology
infrastructure transit; one place where the megacities and smaller cities differ
You dont have room to build the roads you need for transportation (solutions include
redesigning: express ways BUT this system will reach its limit eventually)
Scale makes a difference because of all the cars on the road
Worse pollution is in the biggest cities
Tokyo removed big diesel engines thus, limiting dirty fuel and pollution that causes
health issues
Governance: does not scale up so well for such big growing cities
Ontario does not have incentives for a big enough government to scale up for the size
of these big cities
Special Issues of Very Large Cities
Plato said if you get past 50 thousand then people wont know each other, you wont
know who to trust
20th century: city size become more dominant because things was starting cost more
(higher demand with increased number of people) thus, economy becomes less
Diseconomy things getting more expensive and city becoming less efficient
Example: congestion, pollution
High land cost drives decline of economy; people cannot afford for expansion thus,
people start to move where land is cheaper therefore job opportunities decline in the
cities with factories and industries moving
There is no optimal size of a city because dynamics of the city is constantly changing
Special Issues of Very Large Cities 2
Cost of living, land cost, business cost goes up in larger cities
If you invest in transportation then you can reduce transport cost
Advantages: business much more efficient in larger cities because you have more
suppliers, huge supply of labour and advertising firms
If you are a company its good to be in a large scale economy and having a bigger
selection of employees (deep pool of talent) and the input and market that you need
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