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GGRB02 – Week 1 Lecture
Space is not given, but space is constructed and produced = go out there and create space actively
oWe as humans remake space
Space and Place is binary in geography
Space is general idea, place is a particular manifestation of space
Space is value and emotion free, place gives a sense of identity
Identity comes from being part of a particular place
Geographers talk about how space is created through in which capitalism has proliferated our
world, in the way in which capitalism produces factories and creates space
Oil is enormously important to our world today
Midterm (March 1) 30%defining terms, answering short questions, and perhaps one long essay
oWill be given study guide
Medium length critical essay 25% (due last day of class)reflect on oil through concepts that
geographers have created: space, place, landscape, mapping, scale
oThink about what are the micro scale for oil – global oil, the way in which oil and its
various products are part of the campus, what kind of oil are part of our daily
oScale is important concept
Final exam 35%
Tutorials Feb 8 – March 22 (10%)consecutive weekly tutorials
LectureSpace and Place:
Space is general, place is particular
Why is geography interested in this idea? How is it that we think about our world? How do we
classify it?
In order to understand geography, you need to categorize it, take up broad spaces and break it up
into regions
Geographers are interested in understanding landscapes, classify it, and make sense of it through
three ways: regions, localities, and the idea of placegives you a sense of identity and values,
you associate with it
Tuan – scholar who has given us ways of thinking things and classify humanistic geography
oInterested in thinking of spatial differentiation
oTalks about place = idea that place is our position in society
oWhat is our place in the world?
oThink back to our neighbourhoods, how we come to our place, and this gives us our
position in society
oPlace has a sense of spirit and personality
oPlaces have a sense of place = sense of belonging, taking pride in where you live, have a
more emotional attachment to that place, marking spatial variations to lived space
oMight look at architecture in determining sense of place
Mackindertries to lay out scope and methods of geography
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