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Lecture 9

GGRB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Sewage Treatment, Common Sense Revolution, City Beautiful Movement

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Denisse Macaraig

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GGRB05 Lecture 9 Urban Governance
- Reading Chapter 20
Some Thoughts
- The importance of cities
- Cities are important, but how we govern locally will determine its success and failures
- Political will and decision-making are key
- The role of science and technology will not solve the problems
Urban Governance: Questions
- The role of municipal governments?
- Municipal government and appropriate size?
- What is the right size?
- Each case and context is different
- The city is a social construct; people view it as a space and place for the wealthy, the
impoverished, etc.
- The politics is always changing, it’s always what we’re thinking about
Federal Government
- They collect the most money (taxes) and transfer some to the Province, and from the Province
it is discretionary whether it gets transferred to the Local governance
- What happens at the Federal level (Parliament) has little to do in your daily lives, it is the local
governance (the city) that affects your everyday lives
- Robert A. Dahl (1915 - )
- Relationship involving power, rule, and authority
- Conflict is required for politics
- Institutions are formed to deal with conflict
- Policy is the outcome of politics
- Power is the politics
- Authority is the bureaucracy behind power
Power vs. Authority
- Power = A gets B to do something it wants

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- Authority = B does it because it is proper/relevant
Rational Persuasion
- The nicest form of influence by telling the truth and explaining why someone should do
Ex. The doctor convincing you to stop smoking
Manipulative Persuasion
- A notch lower, means lying or misleading to get someone to do something
Ex. Telling your kids not to sit close to the TV or else you’ll go blind
- Offering rewards or punishments to get someone to do something
Ex. Bribery
- Threatens severe punishment
Ex. Jail, loss of job, “If you don’t behave then we won’t go to Canada’s Wonderland”
- Power with no way out, you have to do it
Physical Force
- Backing up coercion with use or threat of bodily harm
Civic Reform
- Garden city, City Beautiful movement
- Focus is on what is going on and how to address the city’s worst aspects
Ex. Change the economy, prevent diseases
- Civic reform made city life “better”
- Development of potable water, sewers, building regulations, zoning/development, etc.
- Cities restricted types of private development, which provided stability in the built form
- Change came slowly because the built environment changes slowly
- Local level governments expanded their range and scale of responsibilities
Ex. Providing other social services
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