6 Jul 2011

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GGRB28 Week 4
-health narrow about who it caters to (white, small population)
Post War Visions of Health Development
-UN relatively new after WW2
-WW2 destroyed many parts of the world countries had to be rebuilt
world work together to prevent in future (created institutions)
-end of WW2 was Cold War invention of atomic bomb, Germany divide t/
Berlin Wall (either Soviet or Western) geopolitics (affected how countries
acted)-did not see West in good light would become Communist
-Britain fund more Nigerian health projects that benefited Nigerians
to win the hearts and minds of population (become colonialist, not
-ppl favored West bc of markets
-third world market ultimately benefit the West (expand markets)
-necessary rebuild Europe and America
-didnt try to reduce malnutrition, food production, water supply
WHO, Unicef
Post-Colonial Medicine
-Westen countries started giving monies for aid strategic interests (Cold
-fear of turning communist (i.e. Cuba, Angola)
-market newly independent countries either become Western or Soviet
-war on Terror
-more so colonial govt
-did not address society, addressed superficial matters
-national aid institutions more important transformation
Summary Packard
-similar to Farmer concerned w/ poverty, inequality and how connects to
poor health globally
-post war countries independent continuities, no transformation in most
-some things didnt change
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