GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Tropical Medicine, Global Health, Globalization And Disease

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27 Nov 2013

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Lecture 4- Oct 4, 2012
Globalization and Inequalities/Geographies of Infectious Disease
In the News…
People with low-level HIB and condoms needn’t disclose infection
Mental illness impact said to be bigger than cancer Depression had the
highest overall burden of mental illnesses
Mental health in Canada is often underfunded
Sample Question:
1. Explain in detail the key differences and similarities in global health policy
for the three period outlined by Packard. What are Packard’s two key
Greater connections between people and places-> people are moving further
an further away, faster (by air travel, skype)
Rising global inequalities: the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer
Turn towards the market: the focus and increase on neoliberalism policies
Neoliberalism: the market is in control, and government should step out
of the markets and not provide social care
Pullback on healthcare
Foreign Aid
Think about the following and come up with some examples
Think of an event or crisis that has prompted global intervention
Now, think of how your example illustrates global inequalities in health
Three Time Periods
tropical medicine: focused mostly on not the welfare of the colonies itself, but
the colonists within the colonies (i.e the white people in India)
Western Interests: mining, lumber, etc. Only giving healthcare to the white
people; only give to workers to increase productivity
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