GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Scottish Diaspora, Non-Resident Indian And Person Of Indian Origin, Antimicrobial Resistance

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27 Nov 2013

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GGRB28 – Lecture 9 - Nov 15, 2012
Diaspora: sense of a connection to a homeland, real or imaginary
(Canadian diaspora, Scottish diaspora, etc.)
Indian diaspora but have never gone to India, but because of
your parents you’re linked to your Indian culture, might not even
have relatives there
More fluid concept
Transnationalism: people who left their homeland country still have
connection to the homeland country in more concrete ways: ability to
still vote, have investments in that country, can send money and
resources home, annual trip home to visit friends, family, etc.
individual level or between you and the state
more geographical
Immigrants self-select -> upper, mobile, young, healthier
lack of social networks
They are aging -> no longer young people anymore
Melting pot in US: different nationalities of different colours; we’re
going to feed off one another; we’ll lose some of our culture and make
a new culture , which is the American culture
in Canada, we have multiculturalism: create better relationship
between English and Canadians
people are understood to hold on to their own culture, but to
work in a Canadian system
This culture will sustain itself in Canada
Superbugs found in hotel rooms (MRSA and C. difficile)
We are also struggling with superbugs, so it’s a global issue
Glossary of sexual health terms: health workers tried to describe these
Sample Test Question
1. What were the key findings of Ziergle’s article?
Indigenous people: how these
Canada: Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit, Metis
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