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Lecture 8

GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Complete Control, Pass Laws, Syphilis

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Mark Hunter

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GGRB28 – Lecture 8
HIV Prevalence, South Africa
AIDs had a quick expansion from less than 1% to 28%
It’s the organization of society that allowed AIDS to spread
Pre-1910 (union) history
Dutch merchants land in 1652
Indigenous population was thrown off lands
Land dispossession and reserves
Defeat of Zululand 1789
Took complete control over Africa
Gold discovered 1886
Transformed South Africa as they became most famous for their Gold and Diamonds –
without it, the country might be have been comparable to Kenya (in term’s of poverty)
Thousands of people migrated to South Africa
Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
The war between the British and the Africanas (the descendants of the Duth)
In 1910 modern South Africa was formed
Mining Compounds
Men would go to Johannesburg and live there for most of the year, then return to the rural
areas to live with their families
Hundreds of men living in close quarters
The whites who ruled South Africa didn’t want Black South Africans to move into the
town and bring their families, so they allowed and promoted migrant labor
Map 9: Natal Colony
Land was divided into black and white areas
The White areas were the most productive land
Post-Union of South Africa (1910)
Union of South Africa ruled by whites
Land Act 1913 (13% for black SAs)
13% of the land was reserved for Black South Africans only, while 87% went to the whites
Laws segregating urban areas
Pass laws extended
Restricting Black South Africans in town – they had to have a reason and pass to be in a
Migrant labor expanded (rural areas declined)
Apartheid (post 1948)
Racially divided ‘townships’ begun 1920s, expanded 1950s/1960s
Homelands were given more south governance
The rural areas that blacks went home to were given more autonomy instead of being
“White-run”, this didn’t matter as the black people had no land and had to continue to travel
out to “White land” to work for the White people
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