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GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Telehealth, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, Webcam

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Talar Sahsuvaroglu

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Geographies of disease
Lecture 4 - June 1 2011
we live in many places and can be exposed in many different place and ways
Explaining inequalities in health outcomes:
Programming hypothesis and life courses - possible factors that could have
affects you while u were being created (in stomach) for example women who
smoke will have low birth rate babies - funding could go towards making sure
mothers are healthy
health outcome can be explain by what u have been expose too during life
life course - latancy : low level of chemicals being exposed and later year
cancer if formed
cummalivtive model: example happens at
multiple times
pathway model: child to adult...maybe parents are poor low
income so their nutrien is low so they might so poorly in school their leaading
them to a poor job
Behaviour (lifestyle)factors - smoking, lack of excerice, diet, the better
educated u are the more money the better diet you have, obesity...the
distribution...children spending more time on computers, more access to fast
food, lack of excerise
(lifestyle has not changed that much...even if ther4e is marketing) - how can
behaviour explain these factors - too many individual facts
social and community influences - friendships, social groups. health
working condition and local enviroments - low social class working
enviroments: more hazzards...bc there is not enough money to spend on
safety, work place job opportunities if important, lack of control in job is not
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