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1 Mar 2011

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January 19, 2011
Globalization leads to new forms of disease
1)Greater connection
2)Globalization lading to greater inequality
3) Globalization leading to Weakling of global institutions
Globalization: people are connected easier, homogenization, interdependency
we are NOT isolated nations
the market has become more prevalent
1) Greater Connection
globalized world is a more connected world ( to not everybody to some people)
2)globalization leads to rising inequalities other people have got richer ,
and the others have got poorer
Example: bill gates , or opera , these are the people who make money
through their brand
Antibiotics was a huge expand
They have been a large breakthrough in terms of health
Vaccination : Polio was a crippling disease ,a vaccine found for this was
found in the 1950s
Most of the 20th century was a good time for health news
Polio: worked on their nervous system , couldnt breath so you had an
iron lung that would breath for you
2) Newly emerging
- West Nile virus: affects birds and humans
Ebola: bleeding
Lime disease: bacteria spread by TIX first appeared in the 1970s , one reason
for it is suburbanization
HIV: first found in 1981
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