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Lecture 9

GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, Structural Adjustment, Health Geography

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Michelle Majeed

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Lecture 9 :
India attempting to have universal healthcare india largest democracy.
Generic form of drugs not brand anymore
Health policy power effects generalized people living in poverty
Global health : TB and HIV link bet.the 2
5 sections in assignment: answer the concerns listed in areas : Intro: define your topic and how it is
relevant to health geography
Not summarize annotations: but address key themes in this way this one taken approach to this. Theme
linking articles finding commonalities and differnces : Syntesize what literature is saying: Different
methods synthesis. Large scale quantitative analysis of surveys other may find qualitative.Mention
outliers however so and so approach take
Drawbacks and benefits of methods large scale surveys - what is left answered and drawbacks
Course relevant: concepts you used in this term define those terms elucidate. Link bet. Intro and terms
Conclusion think about areas that you think should be answer what could be answered: should be
grounded from what you think about already
Assignment: checklist!
Use 4 of this 6 resources from annotated and find 2 more. 10 years or younger
Formatting: Bibliography : use subheadings
Lecture : Tuberculosis
TB: social-economic and political relations
Explain difference bet. MDR and XDR TB
Latent : spread disease
Consumption : wasting people losing wt. a.k.a White plague
19th and early 20th C TB a disease of urban poor : areas where chronic infections and TB deaths
Urban poor
Sanatoriums: send your family away and then they’ll comeback
Increases in standards of living
Understanding hygiene
Decrease opportunity for TB to grow and see rates decrease
BCG given to children in higher areas decrease in TB nos.
Reason of TB comes again bec. Of link of TB and AIDS making TB even difficult to treat
Farmer: who does it really affect? Not universally distributed bec. Of medical resistant form and
emergence of TB and have to deal with it. Never eradicated and not became health issue in North
Hard to get infected by TB airborn drops and cough on you for you to get it.
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