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Week 10 Lecture Note

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Session 9: Urbanization
Urban city = defined by population density, industrial activity, however we have some areas
in the developing or less developed countries where we have lots of industries but no
population and they are not called urban we would go with population density
There were small cities/agglomeration of people in cities urban city defined by
political will and number of population in terms of density or numbers of people
living in a location
Urbanization is the process when people move from rural to urban areas
We can find cities as far back as 8000 years ago, and there are three theories why those
cities were there and why these cities grew
City growth in ancient societies
a)Surplus theory
Some areas of the world are possible to produce more agricultural goods
(food) that was necessary to feed the people in the countryside, this is why
people moved to cities (didnt have to deal with agriculture, so focused on
other tasks they were doing)
b)City as public good
Religious functions
Lots of cities in Latin America in ancient times were founded on religious
c)Centre of exchange and trade
These were the locations where trade is met and exchanged goods, this is why
more and more people came to take part in exchanges
Surplus theory and centre of exchange and trade are the two theories that most
explain city growth in ancient societies
Most biggest cities in ancient times (8000 years ago-2000 years ago) located in
a)East Asia
c)*Central Asia and Northern Africa*
d)Northern Africa and America
Biggest cities over time
Central Asia and Northern Africa
People or majority of people live in fertile regions along huge rivers in climate areas
that were positive to agriculture i.e. Antigua, Nile River, Yangtze River in China
can find most people in ancient times
Some of the biggest cities would lie in Europe and China
Images of the city:
City as Babylon
City as Jerusalem
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