Guest Speaker Lecture Notes

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Week 4: Guest Speaker Leslie Woo (Metrolinx VP, Policy and Planning)
Perhaps no other investment can do as much to protect and enhance quality of life
for future generations as regional transportation
Metrolinx is a provincial agency
Responsible for provincial growth plan and triple economy
Metrolinxs vision: ability to advocate for improved transportation
Deliver a plan into place, manage the funds, ad coordinate decision making
From a planning standpoint, there are two planning policies that are foundational to
plan they developed
oGreenbelt plan protection of large horseshoe across GTA to preserve
agricultural land and wildlife
oGrowth plan places to grow act, identifies how growth will be managed
Upper tier municipalities are York, Halton, etc.
Below them are considered lower tiers, i.e. Markham, Richmond Hill
Single tiers: Toronto, Hamilton
Growth plan directed growth to 30 municipalities
Planning process
oPlanning act is unique to Ontario, sets out what each municipality has to
have in place and is renewed every 5 years
oMinistry of Infrastructure oversees Places to Grow Act (2006)
oMetrolinx Act created the Big Move in 2006, actual plan is 2008
GTHA: 10 transit operators
oNotion of creating Metrolinx was the mayors of all municipalities say there is
congestion, we need better planning, transit is insufficient, roads are
plugged...all municipalities were facing each other, and they collectively
through federation of municipalities identify the need for coordinating body to
make sense of these acts because they exceeded the budget
Over the last 20 years, there has been very little investment in transit
infrastructure, most major investment was Sheppard subway, and impact was very
Congestion costs induced productivity, induced loss of time
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