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Week 10 Lecture Note

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Smart Growth Part 1 – Urban Design for People, Not Cars
Congress for the New Urbanism
Trying to promote new urbanism
Created a charter for the new urbanism
Redeveloped communities into walkable, cyclable communities based on multi-modal
transportation choices
There are a number of communities in Ontario like this: Cor nelle and Markham (9
Ebenezer Howards Garden City was built because of the health crisis (cholera)
Now, new urbanism is built because of environmental crisis
Wide sidewalks, pedestrian friendly, bike lanes
One of the major problems is the building of single detached homes
New Urba nism
A number of essential characteristics: small frontages (because couldnt waste land for large
population), mixed urban use
Toronto is at least a decade behind compared to European cities
Want to connect streets at right angles
Safe streets – not just a place to drive
Liveable residential density – having park space
Human-scale design = creating a sense of place
oPart of urban design guide is to put control on signage (big issue, hor rible signs)
A range of housing typesin 50s and 60s our homes were too homogeneous
A Collaborative Program: LEED
Increases economic value of homes
One of the main goals is to make it desirable for developers to sell their homes at an increased
market value
Andres Duany & Elizabeth Plater Zyberk = two most famous planners now
New Urba nism in the Global South?
We can only talk about new urbanism because of incredible wealth and aff luence
Priority in developing world is not on new urbanism but is on shantytowns
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