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Lecture 8

GGRC24H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Heterosexuality, Bromance, Homosociality

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Michael Ekers

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Lecture – Gender
Notes for essay
oDefine key terms and concepts – naturalization, wilderness
oParagraph after introduction on defining terms and concepts and telling reader
how you are using it
oWhen appropriate, write in first person – personal
oWhy is your argument important
Haraway argument
oFluidity between nature and culture but there are certain stereotypes that still exist
with regards to these categories
Kate S
oThe ways in which she discusses a passionate homeosociality – passionate
relationship between men in wilderness spaces that is okay because those men are
accompanied by women
oThink through park spaces as they relate to questions of sexuality
oTalking about rocky mountain and Banff – icon of what the Canadian nation
could and should be – she talks about empty nature as spaces that come to
Sandilands quote
oArgument is that a gendered binary between public and private space (male
gender and women who does reproductive work in households) gets constructed
into nature
oThese binaries that we would associate with post world war 2 era (mens work in
factories and women and reproductive work in households) get pushed into
wilderness spaces
oThese parks were spaces in which men could perform their masculinity – related
to grace piece
oQuote #2 – in order
Goes through the processes of assisted migration – active recruiting of
women to the frontier to give us a sense of the frontier in these wilderness
Domesticated labour getting pushed to the frontier
Sense that women could bring a softer edge to the colonial project
The politics of independence and dependence
oNotions of independence and dependence get gendered in certain ways
If you think about all of these colonial narratives about men finding
themselves in wilderness spaces, the main point is that they are always
dependent on others
In the past, when SH went up to the Canadian north to show his
masculinity, there were women who were supporting the expedition by
supporting his kids while he was gone
oHow is wilderness sexualized?
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