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Lecture 9

GGRC 24 Lecture 9: Last Lecture

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Michael Ekers

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Lecture – Class and Nature  Field guide to North America o Trying to reshape the way we think about wilderness  Review o Sexuality is fundamentally social o Our urban landscapes are sexualized in different ways o Calvin klein commercial – about how sexuality is never private and rather deeply social o Similar dynamics work in wilderness spaces o Bromance – trying to think about how mens straight identities are much more complicated then often assumed – there is a lot more going on in those friendships (in terms of intimacy) than we think is going on – we see this in mens relationships with one another in spaces of wilderness o Relationships to land and art are extremely gendered – land is referred to as a feminized place – colonial narratives are often about exploring or penetrating feminized landscapes – and this is about a heterosexualized relationship to land o Both land and women are the kind of objects/traffic between men – mens relationships to one another – mens sexuality can be so repressed in the homophobic culture that we live in so it means that at times mens relationships get mediated in different ways  Discussion questions o Class is also getting mediated socially o Class is something that is also performed – not just about your socio economic status o Utah Phillips o Class is about income, status, relationships and how these are structured between social groups – there no such thing as the working class without the bourgeoisies because they need each other o Urban environments –who’s making the lattes for the executives coming into Toronto? o Class relationships are also about dependency and disposability - dependent on other peoples labour – relationship of dependency – different social groups being dependent on one another in hierarchical relationships o Class relationships are identities exist but they are always gendered – no such thing as social class at an economic level without it being gendered  Class: Structuralists approach o Class is generally understood as ones position in an economy o As a worker your place in production is to produce more than you are paid – this is a class relationship o Distribution – what share of that value do you get? How much control do you have over what you get paid? Lower class has very little control while upper class has more o Also about consumption – who can buy a house vs a condo? Who can buy an airmac? Who can keep up with the demands of a consumer based society? o This is about social relationship, consumption, and production o Hierarchical relationships around who is employing who and what they produce o A lot of workers push and challenge relationship and authority  Class: a cultural approach o Behaviour/clothing/language etc. o Class can also be defined culturall
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