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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course and Modern AsiaA Korean DancerName Seinghee Choi East Asian Names Last name comes before first namesBorn in 1911 to an aristocratic family th From Early 20 CenturyFirst Koren woman of western danceHow does it showdemonstrate modern Asian societiessociety Video ClipWatched this clip to think about how and in what way does the figure illuminate Koreas transition to modernity What does it tell us about Asia modern society Back to LectureThroughout the course well be looking at how the modern Asian society emergedAn overview of MAS modern Asian society through a thematic exploration4 themes Medicine Pop Culture Gender politicsVisual culture and technologyLecturediscussion formatLecture will have historical background chronologies as well as a thematic exploration during each class Tutorial sessions starts on January 24Grading Two unannounced quizes in tutorial worth 10 each for a total of 20 510 minutes long per quizWill be openbookwill be MC andor fillintheblankWill be given at start or at end of tutorial sessionsMidtermOn Feb 14 inclass on Week 1 material to week 5 material February 7 10 MC 10 Fill in the blank questionsno essay questions Final examCumulativeMeant to test on the understanding of lectures films screened in class and readings Format 10 MC 10 Fill in the blank SA questionProfessor Jin Park Office HW417 Tuesdays 24pm jparkutscutorontoca phone 416 287 7163 TA Dr Libbie Mills Office HW518 Fridays 35pmBREAKModernityWe dont have a definitive time that we can claim certain countries became modern its not a homogeneous conceptMany asian counties transition into modernity overlap with various colonial rule Characteristics of modern society A condition in which modern society emergedWhen how and why did modern societies first emerge A question that we like to ask a lot in this question When you hear modern society what comes to mind How does traditional society differ from modern society Class ideas of what modern is Urban characterized by urbanization technologies nanotechnologies secularization increased transportation systems globalization rapid industrialization late 1800s early 1900sModernity Begins with industrialization decline of feudalizationWhere did modern societies first emergeWestern world Great Britain EnglandA term that refers to characteristics of modern societyDefining features of modern society Stuart Hall Discussed that the emergence of modern societies involves 4 parts By the dominance of secular forms of political power and authorityKings queens church rulers being replaced by state leaders the rise of complex structures of modern nation states Modern nation stateState has a complex bureaucratic system territories and bordersThe rise of secular power in contrast to the previously religious powerThe rise of the nation state
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