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Lecture 5

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Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

Global Asia Studies : Week 5 o • high/elite culture • visual arts, and performing arts such as classical music • enjoyed by a small number of elite members of society • mass / popular culture • distinct for majority of society • enjoyed by many people • assimilation • making Taiwanese more like Japanese • music (popular music) • engaged, consumed , etc by larger portion of society • age of mechanical reproduction • Walter Benjamin- German wrote about the work of music/art in the age of mechanical reproduction • Work of art- issues he brought up was the idea of ambivalence : authenticity and mass reproduction o A work of art such as van gogh’s that is reproduced in forms of poster cards, calendars etc makes the original work of art less valuable, authentic, and less special • Popular culture forms are reproduced in the age of mechanical reproduction o Exists in the form of mass reproduction and mass consumption • Audible past: sound reproduction • Able to listen to the past ex. The song “Garden of Italy” • Makes a culture song available for everyone • *** look over the slides for the Kisaeng and the Kisaeng during the choson dynasty • Social change • Technological: o advan
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