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Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

Week 10 Labouring Women  Chinese communist regime; projector of modern Chinese history Farewell my concubine; 1993- chen kaige ; story of two stars in peking opera; performing together in chiense pera their names are Deieyi and xiaoloa a women comes btw these men= invites the audience to think about history of mid 20s  Key moments: o Training teenage boys to create a phenomen opera, story of Chinese modernity; women not allowed to perform thus males need to play role of females o 1930s Beijing china o 1930 – ching dynasty; playing to please the powerful figure of the ching dynasty; opera is a male domain needs to play female role and o 1937; both boys are famous opera singers, Beijing invaded by Japanese troops so they are under Beijing surveillance o Chinese becomes communists thus dieyi isprosecuted Chiang kai shek  Tension between 2 parties; the nationalist party and the Kuomintang  Promoting Chinese opera as well Women and labour / Reproduction  Malthusian doctrine: the state should play an active role in controlling the size of the population  1950s ww2; united states and other coapritalsit country decided the not colonized countries will suffer poverty and famin  The cold war logic; fear that decolonization nations, (tiawan) poverty and they would go for colonized regimes for aid  1950- 1960s; Truman promoting the idea of helping with 3 rd war countries, pop control, Europeans coutnries provide contraceptive colonies so these coutnries would the control the rapid growth of popilaiton  1960 proper number of children 2; after civil war of communist and nationalist the communist so nationalist fled to totwiwan so china did not receive Us aid abut had own policy of modernization; population contrl under the communist system – one child policy  Rejecting malthusuanusm , 1949:  The founder of Chinese communist party is Moe Zedong not to rely on malthusuan doctrine
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