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Lecture 4

week 4 broken down; high lighted

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 4 Religion Medieval India Islamic influence in Northern India Islamic invasion, conversion of Indians to Muslim Establishment of Islam in Northern India Islamic and Persian culture gradually became part of south and southeast Asian cultures Delhi Sultanate (slave dynasty) Discriminatory policies toward Hindus, heavy head tax (6%) Softening of Muslim rules Internal power struggles Fusion of Hindu and PersianIranian cultures Southern India Is mostly unshaken by what is happening in the North Central for religion, trade, art Wealth and prosperity in the southern system Vijiyanagara Empire of Victory Main legacy is its magnificent capital Centuries of invasion brought Islam into Northern India In the North, a Turk named Babur conquered the Mughal Dynasty Early and Medieval Southeast Asia Countries include: Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malay, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines Origins of people: nearly all migrants from China, Thais origin in South China
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