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Lecture 2

Journal Entry Week 2

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 3 What were the major contributions made by early India (before 800 C.E.) to the worlds civilization (e.g., science, technology, philosophy, trade, etc.)? 2) What were the major achievements in the early stage of Chinese civilization (before 300 C.E.), especially during the Han dynasty? Some of the early contributions made by both china and India can be listed below, Ive taken the liberty of outlining which dynasty they were brought forward on. India China - Vedic Culture - introduced the - Shang Dynasty Introduced the use scientific achievements: philosophy, of bronze to create vessels which, medicine, steel and iron could store water and other products metalworking, and mathematics, - Zhou Dynasty Technological and e.g., numbering system (Arabic) artistic development in urban areas; - The Mauryan dynasty provided the inscriptions and writing. They also Maritime trade to Southeast Asia, introduced iron tools and bring forward extensive transport agricultural production; networks urbanization and specialized - occupations; increasing trade and social mobility - Han China introduced the civil service exam In the end, India contributed scientific
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