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Lecture 4

Week 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 4 What does Indianization of Southeast Asia actually mean, and how did that happen? What the Indianization of Southeast Asia actually means is the coming together or the Indian, Chinese, Malayan, and Buddhist communities, it was when the cultural and intellectual influences of each mixed to create a sort of mixed Southeast Asia. Created two sets of people per say the Burma known in Myanmar and Siam in Thailand. Its basically as trading between the Indians and the East Asians progressed and became more frequent, cultural influences were brought as well. Indian missionaries converted the natives to Buddhism and Hinduism, and soon the local rulers were calling themselves maharajahs and imitating the courts of India down to the smallest details It partially occurred due to an attraction to gold that each country had. India had obtained gold, and East Asian countries were traveling more frequently within India to obtain it. After the Portuguese revolution that occurs a little later in week 8, we see that it also commercialized the routes of Asia and the communication between India and Asia increased as Buddhism spread. The Delhi Sultanate was a discriminatory policies toward the Hindus that lasted between 1206 -1526. It was a time where there was an attempt to convert everyone to the Islamic way. Seeing that it was nearly impossible, the Turco-Afghans, decided to treat the Hindus as second-class citizens imposing a heavy head-tax (6%) on all those who stayed Hindu Gradual softening of Muslim rule Pro
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