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Lecture 2

Week 2 discussion

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

996331580 Nabila Ahmed Global Asia Studies Week Number 2 Discussion Questions: What is the relationship between Hinduism and Buddhism, and what are their similarities and differences in the major doctrinal teachings? And where did they spread and become dominant? The relationship between Hinduism and Buddhism is simply that Buddhism is derived from Hinduism. Both religions overlap in about 90% many of its teachings. The similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism are vast; they share the key teachings of dharma, karma, and samsara, moksha, devotion, and nonviolence for life. They are both still described as a way of life rather than a religion it self. The differences subsided within the common need to reject the ritualuization and growing caste differences that are found in Hinduism. Buddhism also rejects Hindu Gods. Hinduism seeking to be the oldest of the worlds main religions started within the Indus civilization and become dominant all over todays known India. Buddhism on the other hand, started in India however became more dominant a
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