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Lecture 2

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Islam branched from Judaism and Christianity. The founder and prophet of the Islamic religion, Mohammed, was born in Arabia around 570 C.E.. To Muslims he is not God, but rather Gods last prophet. Mohammeds preaching centered around the affirmation of one god, as opposed to many tribal religions that were popular in Arabia of earlier times. Quran, the most sacred text of Islam, is said to be inspired by God, communicated through Mohammed. The Quran adopted considerable amount of beliefs from both the Judaism and Christianity; from Christianity it adopted the concept of Heaven and Hell, and from Judaism it adopted fasting and almsgiving. Followers of Islamic faith are to worship and love Allah as well as fear him. Its policy toward non-believers are sanctioned through Jihads, which can be waged by four means; the heart, the tongue, the hand, and lastly, the sword. After Mohammeds death, Muslims waged wars in North Africa, Asia, and Europe, bringing their religion into these regions by force. They ultimately brought Islam to India, but only converted a small portion of people; most of the converts were the ones at the bottom of the caste system. To those people, the Islam belief of equality for all men broke them free from the traditional East Asian system of caste. Islamic traders into China had a big impact on Chinese beliefs. Millions of Chinese people concentrated on the borders were converted, though later on they found it easier to modify many Islamic rules, including the five daily prayers, while still following some other rules, such as the avoidance of pork. Later on, followers of Islam broke into two groups, the
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