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Lecture 3

week 3 journal

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Xuan Zang was a Chinese Buddhism monk, scholar, and traveller. His brother was a Buddhist monk who influenced him to join the rank of the monks. They moved to Changan during the Tang Dynasty, and studied Buddhism in the temples. Unlike his peers, he was dissatisfied with the systems of teaching in China, many of which emphasized on different texts, and often depended on the Buddhist masters own interpretations. A few monks and scholars prior to his time had pilgrimage to India to bring valuable Buddhist relics and scriptures back into China. Against the will of his brother and the Tang emperor, he decided to travel to India to search for knowledge. During his travel to India, he studied with many famous Buddhist masters, often engaged in theological discussions and debates. He received tremendous supports from neighbouring kingdoms during his journey, they provided him with entourage and silk, an accepted currency in many parts of Asia during his time; one of the many contributing factors to his safe arrival at the renowned Nalanda monastery in India. When he returned, he brought with him 657 Sanskrit texts, plus several relics and statues. By then the Emperor has already forgiven him and provided an imperial escort for his journey back. The end of his journey set off a flurry of diplomatic missions between China and India, and connected China to the outside world even faster than trade. He dedicated the rest of his life in Changan, supervising a team of translators and teaching Buddhist texts. As a result of his accomplishments, Buddhism flourished in China. Han Dynasty appeared sho
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