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Global Asia Studies

Part 1 Pulsetaking in Classical Greece and China Wednesday October 03 2012 247 PM Topic Reading Grasping the Language of LifePerception of the pulse The language of lifePulse is the natures means of speaking to the doctorthe language of life p20 Illnesses Humans are ignorant because we rely on our premonitions and apprehension of sickness before we call it a sickness PulseTaken to know the normality of our bodies We are not sure we are ill until we experience the symptoms of a disease There might be an underlying disease that is waiting to kill us in the future Because of the pulse we can know the body in a way that we can never know a pulseless soulThe pulse spoke truths about a person that the person himself or herself would not or could not sayp18It involuntary increase the beat of our heart pulse when we feel excited or nervous where the body feels that it is in panic mode How did the study of pulse began People were intensely curious as all humans are about themselves There are a lot of things they did not knowWhy do they feel sick Will they be able to live or is their time up Therefore they believed that pulses will tell them the answersPulse It means that we are not DEAD Anatomy became a base in learning the pulse and the body The pulse is the movement of successive dilation and contraction that the wave of blood propelled by the systole of the heart imprints on the arterial treeCharles Ozanam p 51 From page 60 When we study conceptions of the body we are examining constructions not just in the mind but also in the sensesGreek and Chinese doctors grasped the bodies differentlyliterally and figuratively
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